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vitality and well-being

Les services sur place

Home Émoi propose une gamme de prestations et de services sous le signe de la vitalité et du bien être.
Discover our services and enjoy them without moderation, your body and mind will thank you!

Détend 'EMOI

Massage bien-être du cuir chevelu, buste et visage by "Légèreté d’Être" chez Home Émoi, dans votre chambre, dans un petit salon ou dans le jardin selon vos envies.

You receive a massage centered on the scalp, trapezius, cervical and face (Optional: back, hands and feet) from the expert hands of Anne, creator of a unique massage protocol in Saint-Malo.
These are the most tense areas of the human body! It relaxes all the muscles of the body, resulting in a feeling of lightness. It also frees your mind from the daily tumult and provides extremely high quality care for your hair and scalp. Make your request when booking your stay and subject to availability.
Price: 90 euros/hour, tea/herbal tea/aromatic water included.

At the institute "Lightness of Being":
Anne also offers a unique protocol integrating extended shampoo and styling, only at her institute.
Make an appointment directly (from Home Emoi) on 06 17 94 54 10.
9, rue des 6 Frères Ruellan, 35400 Saint-Malo
Information: legeretedetre.fr


Pick up, take a break, take a walk or a hypnosis session, live in the present moment, relaxation guaranteed!

With Rozenn ROUQUAT, certified practitioner in psychology, Eriksonian Hypnosis, SAJECE Hypnosis and JIA method, Home Emoi offers:

"A sensory walk in nature in full consciousness"
A real invitation to connect with your senses and the surrounding nature, release stress and tension, 5 minutes on foot, in the heart of Bois Renou. Come and live this gentle and powerful experience and leave rejuvenated with beautiful energy.

"Hypnosis session"
Whether you choose the comfort of an armchair in the cocooning atmosphere of the living room or that of a deckchair in the soothing atmosphere of the garden, this gentle hypnosis session will lead you to reconnect with yourself. On the theme of your choice, enjoy a moment of relaxation that relaxes the body and soothes the mind. Themes: Freeing yourself from stress, Self-confidence, Managing emotions, Reducing pressure, Reconciliation with the body, Feeling good about yourself….. (non-exhaustive list, theme on request).

Walk or hypnosis session
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 25 euros per person, price from 2 people (flavored water included).
Make your request when booking your stay.

Laurence remains at your disposal for any further information.
More information on rozenn-rouquat.fr

Boost'Émoi, sport and well-being

Take advantage of your stay to oxygenate your muscles, keep up the pace for regulars and get back in shape with our state-certified sports coach for novices.

Make your request when you book your stay and subject to availability, we will communicate the time slots for the lessons.

Price: 80 euros / hour for two people.